While one decides on playing a game of slots, it must be kept in mind that the game is totally luck dependent and the winnings are random. Moreover, if luck plays its part, life changing winnings worth millions of pounds can be claimed.

Intelligent players understand the fact that sticking to the game for long is the way to play the game of slots and can aid in winning. Help can be taken from the many casinos that work online and offer many great bonuses to new players as an incentive. The details of the various bonuses available are detailed below:

1. A no Deposit Bonus
Offered by some casinos, the no-deposit bonus is considered to be a very attractive bonus. When you register with an online casino, you will be given some amount of credit to play a few of the games. It’s an entirely risk-free bonus as one does not need to invest on it, rather earnings can be made.

The games that are available to play in return for a no deposit bonus, are slightly difficult but are worth a try.

2. A Deposit Bonus
This type of deposit bonus allows a player to multiply and maximise his cash by depositing a certain amount with the casino which then offers a percentage amount of bonus as applied to the deposited amount. This is a very popular way of rewarding players, convenient for the casino and the player alike.

3. Free Spin:
The free spin bonus is yet another great type of bonus offered by some casinos and gives players the option to play a particular slot game for free and check out the various features to decide if they would like to play it later. It’s also a good chance to see how the casino works. This is the best option for those who aren’t particular about the type of slot they want to play as you generally don’t have a choice about which slot the free spins take place on.

4. Free Play
It is another great way of trying out many varieties of casino games for free without any fear of losing money. Some casinos give a certain time for playing as many games as one can for free and the profit is collected at the end of that time.

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