Cops and Robbers | Video Slot

A rather fun take on the classic 3-line slots that have done so well in both offline and online environments, Cops and Robbers Slot Machine is everything that a player can expect but with a load of extra bonuses and even a bonus round!

There are a number of features in the game which are worth mentioning as they can be the difference between you forgetting to hold a particular reel or missing out on a nice big pay-out.


Get a 100% bonus up to £400
100 up to 400 new


Nudges: Win up to 4 nudges – with the option sometimes to sneak a peek at the symbols you can turn the reels too. You could also be lucky enough to bank the nudges, gamble them or repeat them once you’ve used what you have.

Hold: Hold one or more reels and have the chance to spin again – on occasion you will be advised to hold one or more to guarantee a winning spin. (These features include: Let ‘em Spin or Hold this Reel)

Get Away: Randomly, one reel will hold itself while the others move to match them – effectively giving you an assured winning combination.

Bonus Round

Should you have 3 ‘Swagger Bags’ appear on the reels in the normal game, everything will flash a bit and you will be taken to a completely different screen – the featured bonus game. In the bonus round, you play the robber and are trying to get away from the cop who is trying to take you down. You can win anything from Nudges to Bet Multipliers (explained below), with a top-win of 200x total bet. This all takes place on an animated ‘board-game’ screen which bears a striking resemblance to the game itself and even a Snakes and Ladders style approach.

Features in Bonus Round:

Bonuses: Extra lives, Boosts, Taxis, Move Again and more

Feature Shots: 9 different options which either give you a chance to spin the reels, multiple spins with accumulated values won, choose your multiplier for several winning combinations and even a chance to win and gamble your ‘offered bonus.’

Multipliers/Nudges/Free Spins: Up to 200x Multipliers, 50x Nudges and 25 Free Spins are on offer in the Cops and Robbers Slot game

Mystery: Generally a bad sign and could be an instant loss, skill continue, eliminator (removes bonuses on the board), continue … or if you are lucky … a boost which takes you further up the board to the bigger prizes

Whatever your choice is, be sure to give the Cops and Robbers Slot Machine a chance; not only could you win a nice chunk of change but even end up having fun at the same time. We have selected a few of our favourite options above so please enjoy them and let us know what you think.

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