The internet is an amazing invention of modern times that gives access to unlimited entertainment and information just a click away. Whereas, a few decades back people had to take the pain of getting out of their homes, leaving their comfort zones to reach a gaming arena, these days the availability of gaming options on the internet has relieved the player of these stresses. In the era of ever increasing competition among various game developers ,more and more diverse and graphically rich online games are available, the 3-D graphics are designed to give a near to reality experience to the players.

The question still arises that if the online games have replaced the real world experience of a gaming zone.

Offline Slots
Slots were first established over hundred years ago in a small town of the state of California and are now one of the top revenue earning games in a casino. Originally developed as simple three reeled machines which had levers that were to be pushed by an attendant to collect the winnings, the slots have developed significantly over the years. The traditional lever has become obsolete in modern day video slot machines, which are now multi-reeled and have multiple paylines. Sometimes the lever is included as a decorative piece. These video slots have been revolutionary in that they have made the basis for new and upcoming slot machines.

To get hands on the available games offline, one has to make take out time and reach the gaming establishment, be it a pub, a casino or a gaming parlor.

Online Slots
Rather than getting out of home, making a time slot available for the game, then finding a slot game machine available in working condition after reaching a casino are the few pains which one has to take to enjoy few hours of the game.

Online slot machines on the other hand are available and allow you to save the effort, time and energy that is otherwise spent on an offline game. One simply needs to get registered to a gaming site, which are in countless number these days, by using an internet connection via a desktop, or a laptop or tablet computer.

There are many brands that are trustable and they give an option to play bonus games as an incentive to new players so that they permanently register to their websites. Once registered, it makes many different games available online and is thus a good choice for people who are not consistent in keeping focused to one task at a time.

The only disadvantage with playing on online machines is that there are many fraud brands these days on the internet which make players pay for games and the payouts are never delivered or are delayed. One has to be careful regarding the choice of the brand, so as to avoid these problems.

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